Pond improvements

18th March 2016

The £300,000 makeover of a pond in Hemel Hempstead has been welcomed by nearby residents and their MP.

Maylands pond in Leverstock Green is connected to Thames Water’s surface water network. Known as a balancing pond, it stores excess rainwater during periods of wet weather, helping to reduce the risk of flooding, although due to a blockage from leaf debris and silt the pond became overfull and the area was affected by flooding during prolonged storms in 2014.

Thames Water’s recently completed work on the pond and surrounding area, including the laying of an access track, now means it’s easier and safer for staff to get to the pond with vehicles and other machinery to carry out regular essential maintenance to prevent future blockages. The work has also improved the appearance of the pond which can be seen by passers-by.

Thames Water’s, Nigel Fuller explained: “The new access track means we can drive right up to the pond to do whatever is needed to keep it in good working order. This could include tree cutting, removing silt, cleaning the pipes which connect it to the rest of the surface water drainage network, or checking the fence around the site. Previously this work has been difficult but we’re confident the improvements we’ve made will make a real difference.”

On Friday March 11, Mike Penning MP, visited the pond with a group of residents and Thames Water staff to see the improvements and learn more about its function. Thames Water experts explained how during periods of dry weather the pond may not contain any water at all, while when it rains it’s vital for controlling the volumes of water in the wider sewer network.

Mr Penning said: “It was great to have the opportunity to visit the Maylands Balancing Pond with Thames Water and local residents. I know that we all found it very interesting and it was helpful to fully understand the theory behind the pond’s operation and the work carried out by Thames Water to solve the problems that have occurred. I appreciate Thames Water’s efforts to keep local people informed during this process.”

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